The Scriptures have come down to humanity to be properly explained in this latter-day by The Holy Qubtic Church of the Black Messiah as a result of being recorded on timeless Parchment Scrolls and Clay Manuscripts which were stored in containers, great pyramidal church structures called Ka-Ne-Sa all throughout the African Continent inclusive of Sumerian (Ancient Kuwshite-Babylonian) regions as well as the so-called middle eastern region as it is falsely called today. They survived even though there were many attempts by various groups of invaders and colonisers of the Tama-Rean (Ancient African) continent to destroy these Original teachings of the 1st Church of Atonism: The Holy Qubtic Church from which monotheism was grafted and altered.

One such attempt at destroying these original Qubtic Teachings took place with the Great Library of Alexandria where much was destroyed and much was lost forever or so they thought. Why you ask? Simply because they never expected the day would come when you would be brought back to the awareness of who and what you are as children of The Most High Heavenly One, your great past and the greatness which your future holds. They never expected The Holy Qubtic Church to come along after 25,000 years and reveal the secrets that had been long-lost nor did they foresee that the day would come when that which was lost and destroyed would be channeled back into the minds and hearts of you the children of The Most High Heavenly One.

If you are a serious student of scriptures you must come to learn that when the Greco-Romanised minds wanted to hide the realities of how they suppressed the original doctrines of the Original Books of the Bibles they did take the main characters, tribes, events and leaders of Tama-Rean (Ancient African) culture, true religious identity and sciences and built their own mythologies around these events, thus greatly changing the records to suit their own diabolical purpose. The location, time, place and realities of these events were thereby usually altered by them and this is the reason so much of the present day translations and interpretations of the Bible are so difficult to compare and in many instances, nearly impossible to clarify leaving your mind to wonder, which was the very intentions the Greco Romanised writers had.

The Holy Qubtic Church of the Black Messiah publishes Intense Scriptural Study parchments that deal with self-pride, self empowerment and personal development and are written with the intention of providing members of humanity with information which answers many of the questions that most have asked or have thought about yet, have rarely if ever have been given real, clear, precise, sequential and variable answers to.

These Intense Scriptural-Study parchments also allows each who reads them especially those of the Nubian Melaninite family to regain a sense of self-pride, responsibility to the betterment of humanity along with the knowledge as to the Tama-Rean (Ancient African) perspectives of the scriptures of old and just how those precepts were misinterpreted to the point whereby they became concepts which are now so Greco-Roman in appearance and teaching than Tama-Rean (Ancient African). This causes many to feel a lack of direct-connection to divinity, possessed by a sense of self-hate, or worse end up totally giving up on the realities of the Scriptures as they feel there is no place for them in the world of spirituality called religion as it is being taught.